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    Unanswered: How to avoid record inconsistency .....Help urgently needed

    hi Friends...
    I have got a ordermaster table in which the orderid field is autoincremental.Now I also have an Ordercode field which is a combination of [current (orderid)-LICON)]
    eg 1-LICON ..
    I achieve this using the following query ...
    insert into ordermaster(ordercode,orderamt,orderdate) select cast(max(orderid)+1 as varchar)+'-LICON' as ordercode,1000,'3/6/2004' from ordermaster

    But I think the above query could lead to an inconsistent state ....If say following occurs :

    1) USER1 reads max orderid as 1
    2) User2 also reads max orderid as 1
    3)USER 1 inserts record with ordercode as 2-LICON.
    4)USER 2 will also insert record for ordercode as 2-LICON since max orderid read by USER2 is also the same as USER1.

    How do I avoid this....I know I there are LOcktypes. But aren't locktypes used when we are updating same records....

    Please help me out .I really need help in ths context

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    You must use high isolation level. I myself do not have wide expertise in isolation levels but I faced this problem and I was answered by a good
    Colleague on the follwing url ""
    Read message Posted - 03/03/2004 : 10:17:45 by bambola.

    It is he who helps you

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    Couldn't you use an IDENTITY property ??? It is a whole lot "cleaner" than the "roll your own" type of identities.


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