I wish to type in a number in my "Code" field, for instance 1060, I then wish the number 1060 to trigger an event that will fill in the next field (township field) For instance, 1060 brings up and fills in name "Spencer Tp". I have 30 townships,2 cities, 6 villages and identifiers consisting 38 separate code numbers assigned by our county government to identify each township,city and village.

I ran a "Make Table Query", have created a separate table called CodeID, using the "tblRegister" table. Used the NoDuplicates in query properties, have the list sorted properly etc.

I link the two tables together as a 1 to many, the tblRegister being the "Many" and the CodeID the "One". Using the "Item" column (tp. assigned numbers)as the indexed foreign key, no index on same field in tbleRegister, all works well. I open the form, open properties and select the linked table query as a source.

In the query, I use all fields from the linked tblRegister table, EXCEPT the two (2)existing in linked table "CodeID", inserting them in the query list where needed from the linked "CodeID" table, the query runs well as expected.

Opening the form, and using the linked table query as "source" the form acts and runs perfect.

I type in Code field "1060", the Township field fills with "Spencer TP". JUST FINE! EXCEPT!! WHEN I LOOK AT THE TABLE, all information put in the form is placed in the table as expected WITH THE EXCEPTION of the "Field I want filled. "TOWNSHIP NAME FIELD",

The field is filled in the form but remains empty in the permanent
"tblRegister" table.

WHAT AM I NOT DOING, OR DOING WRONG? I worked with Paradox DOS in years past and used a "Lookup" table and all worked real easy. I am lost in this procedure. Will really appreciate help. At 78 years of age, maybe I am getting to old. Thank you so much for your time and effort.
Old Timer: