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    Question Unanswered: Table

    Hi All,

    I got a table for a debit card System,

    which consists following:

    Trans_id;(Transaction ID)
    Card_id;(Customer ID)
    Description;(What Has been Done purchase or Account balance added)
    location;(Transaction location)

    the column trans_type contains information of type i.e DR(Debit) or CR(Credit) I need to ask is this structure ok?? or do I make sepearate columsn for DR or CR i am a bit confused in this os should I take a Bit in it one for DR and zero for Credit Please mention which is more suitable. Or if you feel their is any other way I can do this.

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    I definately would use one column and I would name it as you have. The data type is up to you, some would use a bit but the problem there is what if you are required to add a third type?
    Ray Higdon MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA

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