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    Unanswered: Orcle 9i Windows 2000 Listener Problems


    I am having a problem with my Listener.
    I am running Oracle 9i Release 2 on Windows 2000, a preconfigured database version.

    My Listener (TNSListener) which runs as a windows service dies immediately after I make a SQLPLus connection using a connect string.

    Ex: connect username/pwd@connectstring --> This fails.

    But if I give : connect username/pwd --> This connects.

    And if I go into WIndows --Services -- my TNSListener service is dead.

    I need to use the connect string because I am using Informatica for ETL stuff and Informatica connects only with a connect string.

    The following errors are associated with my problem

    TNS-12547: TNS:lost contact
    ORA-12541 : TNS : No Listener

    Any help in this regard to keep my Listener intact would be greatly appreciated.

    I firmly believe that this is a bug in Oralce 9i for Windows.


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    Some possible checklist:
    Check the listener service using lsnrctl stat from cmd prompt.
    Stop it and start it using
    lsnrctl stop
    lsnrctl start
    It should show u the oracle service under summary section.

    Check the listener.ora file to find some more info and post it.

    Check ORACLE_SID environment variable.
    In file SQLNET.ora file sqlnet_authentication_services parameter should be NTS.

    If nothing goes right reconfigure the listener deleting the previous one.

    Hope it helps.

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    when your try to connect using sqlplus scott/tiger@prod if this fails the reason is either your listener is down or you need to configure your tnsnames so oracle recognises the prod database.

    below are some checks you may make.

    1) check the following parameter in your registry this where oracle hopes to find the tnsnames.ora file.


    2) check your listener is up and runnning

    3) open a dos prompt and type TNSPING ORACLE_SID this will use the tnsnames to check for a net8 connection, if this fails you know its a config problem.

    4) check your sqlnet.ora file.

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