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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Efficient 4 tables instead of a sloppy 116


    I'm not totally sure how to explain this, but here goes:

    My spreadsheet carries out various calculations automatically from user input.

    I have a listing of 29 species, I also have to enter multiple values for each life stage per species of which there is 4 life stages.

    So theoretically I would have to create (29 species X 4 life stages) 116 tables.

    What I would like to be able to do is just create a basic 4 table life stage sheet from which I could execute the calculations for one species at a time and have them saved in a final calculations sheet, clear out the life stage tables and start entering values for another species.

    So basically after each calculation on the final calculation sheet, I would want the values "bumped down" each time and not delete the last set of calculated values.

    Is this possible, how complex would it be?

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    Sounds like maybe you could just add a couple of columns (for species, and life stage) and thus have only one base sheet. Then all calcuations could be based on one sheet and put on a summary sheet.

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    One thing that I failed to mention is that the user will have to choose what species they want, more than likely not all 29 species will be chosen at one time during a session.

    So really I need something dynamic, whereby as stated before I can use the 4 tables over and over again by creating a Macro to clear out the cells, but at the same time saving each "calculation transaction" for each species in a final summary table.

    I hope this further elaborates my situation a little bit.

    Basically I could copy & paste the 4 tables 29 times and have the tables potentially set up to send their data to my summary table, but there has to be a more efficient way??

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S. I have the 4 tables set up the way I do based on a document and the end users would like to keep the format so I can't change that.

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