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    Unanswered: Server Date n Time


    I my most of ASP pages i am using System date and time for getting recored from DB. But in this case may be user end have different date and time setting.

    I want to use my hosting server date n time as a system date n time ?

    is it possible ?let me know


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    I often use something like this for where the Web hosting time is different from the company's time:

    mintServerToOrgHourOffset = 1 ' Server is Mountain Time and org is Central Time.
    mvarOrgCurDtTime = DateAdd("H", mintServerToOrgHourOffset, Now())
    mvarOrgCurDt = DateValue(mvarOrgCurDtTime)
    mvarOrgCurTime = TimeValue(mvarOrgCurDtTime)
    mvarOrgCurTimeExclSec = TimeValue(jpsvbFormat(mvarOrgCurDtTime, "type:time;pattern:h:nn am/pm"))
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