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    Red face Unanswered: please help..

    I'm new to access. I would like to draw a chart in a form. the chart should represent data from different projects. each project has its own ID.

    My query is:

    SELECT [Time_data].[ID], [WeekConv].[F2] AS week, [Time_data].[discipline], Sum([Time_data].[MHrs]) AS Mhrs
    FROM Time_data, WeekConv
    WHERE ((([Time_data].[week])=[WeekConv].[F1]) And (([Time_data].[ID])=[Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject]))
    GROUP BY [Time_data].[ID], [WeekConv].[F2], [Time_data].[discipline];

    The query works but when i try to draw the chart i get the message
    "The Microsoft Jet Engine doesn't recognize [Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject] as a valid field name or expression.

    (the form where i try to draw the chart is a diffrent one from the one where the combo box is situated if that is of any importance??)

    I have also thought about storing the project in a global variable called SelectedProject via VBA and using something like
    WHERE ((([Time_data].[week])=[WeekConv].[F1]) And (([Time_data].[ID])=[SelectedProject])). Can this be done?

    grateful for any suggestions.


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    Re: please help..

    Well, I admit I have no idea really what is causing the problem, but you could try a few things that may or may not help...

    * Does the chart show OK in a report rather than a form?
    * Maybe try referencing the combo as [Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject].column(x)
    where x is the column that contains the bound column - shoudn't make any difference but Access is a bit funny at times...
    * Is your SQL string in a saved query or just set as the recordsource direct? Maybe try the other way round?
    * Maybe try drawing the chart on the same form to see if this works. Of course it shouldn't make any difference but you never know
    * Try hard coding the TimeData.ID field in the where clause, ie setting it = 1 or something in the SQL string. If everything works nicely then at least you know it's the combo that is the root of the problem
    * If the last point is true then try a different combo, or just putting a value into a text box instead to see if you can get that working

    As you can see I'm clutching at straws but you never know... Good luck

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    Cool solved it

    i found a way around the problem.
    instead of writing [Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject] in the query i created a function called Project() and put this one in the query instead.
    Project() is defined in the module "global" as:

    Function Project() As String
    Project = [Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject]
    End Function

    now it works fine. tnx for the help anyway.


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