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    Question Unanswered: Good site with realworld examples?

    At the Internet there is a number of sites with ms access examples. I am asking visitors to post good (nonprofit) sites with good realworld examples.

    I have the database for example:

    Have 5 tables:
    - companies (IDcompany)
    - fieldoffices (IDfieldoffice)
    - fieldofficeaccounts(IDfieldofficeaccount)
    - fieldofficeaccountsvalues(IDfieldofficeaccountvalu e)
    - accountingperiods(IDaccountingperiod)

    One company can have aone or more fieldoffices; one fieldoffice can have none, one or more than accounts; there is more than one company in the companies table - and all of them have to be in calculation for a accounting period, with accounting values - for example: periodstart, periodinput, periodoutput and calculated periodend).

    Anybody has an idea? Example? Something on Internet?

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    The free downloadable sample database at might hopefully give you some design ideas.
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
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