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    Unanswered: variable in view - ms sql

    I want to create a view with database name as passing parameter

    I have a view which has two databases.

    i want the database name to be passed as parameter for view. is that possible

    see the below mentioned view

    Create View VSample as
    select table1.col1, table2.col2
    from dbname..table1 a, dbname..table2 b where
    a.col1 = b.col1

    I want to pass dbname as parameter. Is that possible

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    Re: variable in view - ms sql

    I wouldnt think so, you might want to try using a procedure instead. However, I wonder why you'd like to make this change since the current use of two views makes clear that both might get access using views, and perhaps, external tools. Its usefull to have that kind of information.

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    not shure about view but shure it's pssible in Stored Procedure

    exec "select table1.col1, table2.col2
    from "+@DBName+".table1 a, dbname..table2 b where
    a.col1 = b.col1"
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