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    Unanswered: Continuous Forms Unbound detail

    Greetings - I have several rows with unbound text boxes representing a row in unbound detail section of form. User can update the text box values, how is it that I can take that data and update records based on entered values. Each text box represents a day for input (mon - tues -wed, etc.)..If the user has 3 projects, then there are three rows, input their time accordingly then save...Problem is how to identify which row for update, etc.

    Again the form is unbound. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    In this form module, create several module level variables (boolean) - one for each row you need to track. On form open, initialize them to false and on the change event of each contol set the variable to true for that row.

    On form close you can check them to see if there are any updates pending and message the user if they want to update them.

    On any save action such as a command button you can check the variables to see which row(s) need to be updated.

    If the number of row are large, you could use an array to loop through.

    Or you can create a invisible checkbox for each row and set them to true during the change event.

    The hidden controls and the array will allow for you do do the save/dirty check in a loop. The module level vars have to be hardcoded. I usually do the checkboxes so I can loop in code.

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