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    Unhappy Unanswered: Problem Runing Macros at Internet Explorer

    I have a excel file in a webserver, and the users must run it
    directly from the internet explorer.

    The problem is : when a user click over the excel table link it opens
    the excel in internet explorer but when he/she clicks to run the macro
    the macro give some sheet errors.

    "The "sheets" method from the "_Global" object have failed."

    I dont know why this happen, when the user download and then run
    the macro works great, but in internet explorer the macro turns crazy.
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    I found a workaround for this:

    you need to set in user's machine to not browse .xls files
    at the same window. you do that like this:

    Go to Control Panel > Folder Options
    then click on "File Types"
    Select the XLS file type and then click on "ADVANCED"
    and uncheck the box "Browse at the same window"

    Then it works..
    but anyone know a way that i can do that
    at the server side, so the user dont need to do that much
    of things to run the macro.

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