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    Unanswered: desigining a db2 research db .. gui questions

    hi .. im currently in the design phase of a new database that will someday publicly share a lot of the research data that my lab has been accumulating in the past few years.

    the data is representative of 3d-structural information about some hearts

    in short, what we want to do is
    1. store our huge datasets (multiple files, 30 MB+ each)
    2. process and query specific portions of these datasets (e.g., look at this portion of certain/all hearts and do a bunch of calculations)
    3. have a good interface that will be able to not only take inputs and give numerical outputs, but also be able to
    4. display graphs (e.g., histograms) and allow the person to
    5. view (translate, rotate, zoom, etc.) some of our 3d models
    6. in the long-term, all of this should be able to be done online, without downloading additional software (or if i do need to d/l an applet, it should be fairly small - no larger than a couple of mb)

    ive worked out a table structure for how i want the data to be organized, and i have some of the equations worked out for our analysis. my questions are

    1. should i make processing server-side or client-side?
    2. i may end up caching some of the processed data somehow .. any recommendations of a good way to do this without 'wasting space'?
    3. do you recommend using java/javascript for creating a gui, or would it be better to use a different language? (e.g., im thinking of using perl or php or flash)
    4. with respect to (3), are there benchmarks for performance speeds between these different languages? these datasets are huge and do take some good amount of time to process.
    5. i plan to query info from the db using sql. should i do my calculations in java, or are there different recommended languages to use?


    System Specs:

    LPAR2 (Database Server) - 4-Way Processors, 24GB of memory (AIX 5.1-03)

    Installed applications and other software :
    Java Application Development and Java Runtime Environment - v.
    DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition - v.
    DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition - v.
    IBM Visual Age C and C++ - v.6.0
    IBM XL Fotran Compiler - v.
    Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive Client - v.
    IBM HTTP Server - v.
    OpenSSH - v.3.4p1
    Perl - v.5.6.1

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    Question no comments?

    help please!

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    IBM Visual Age or store procedure builder & Java stored procedures

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