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    Question Unanswered: EXP-00056, ORA-00942 Strange errors encountered while exporting


    I try to use exp to export my database, after I type the command below:

    exp user/pwd@dwdb owner='user' file=dwdb.dmp

    I'm pretty sure that the command is correct, but the following error messages shows:

    EXP-00056: Oracle error 942 encountered
    ORA-00942: Table or view does not exist
    EXP-00000: Exp fail.

    I can use sqlplus to login to the database without problem:

    sqlplus user/pwd@dwdb

    The database "dwdb" is the Oracie 9.0.1 DB running on Solaris8 platform, and strangely, I can use exp the DB on console, but I can't exp in other machines (mostly Windows2000 platform).

    Does anyone have any idea about such error ?

    And, can the data exp from Oracle running on Solaris8 be imported to the Oracle running on Windows2000 ?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: EXP-00056, ORA-00942 Strange errors encountered while exporting

    please make sure that you have installed Administrator version of Oracle 9i client. Also make sure you have created the data dictionery by running catalog.sql and catexp.sql by connecting as internal or sys .

    For different options of client configuration and related topics refer to

    Please reply
    G J Shankar Nath
    IT Consultant, Vedswasti Services Pvt. Ltd

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