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    Unanswered: Refreshing records in a query

    I created an order entry/inventory tracking program. The main user form will select an item from a combo box , enter a
    qty and that number will be deducted from the Qty in Stock.

    In addition to that, the user can push a command button to
    view that item's details, which is on another form called Item Description.

    What I want to achieve is for the user to see all past transactions involving that ItemID. I have it working, but it won't show the current record. After I exit the program and come back, the records are refreshed. The subform that the transactions are based on is based on a query.

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    Re: Refreshing records in a query

    Are you sure that the actual record is saved before the user pushes the command button?

    You could put a record save command in the control's AfterUpdate event, perhaps. Also, are you sure that the form that the command button is not already open? If so, try putting


    in that form's OnCurrent event.


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    I knew it had to requery somehow, I just didn't know where to add the code. Thanks!

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