Hi All

Since I moved our database from an unnamed MSDE to a named instance MSDE, opening a DB connection takes a long time.

The Microsoft Knowledge base article - 273673 discusses this issue and according to it, a database client writes an entry into the registry about the last successful connection:
HKEY_L_M\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\Client\sup ersocketnetlib\lastConnect -33423352:lpcLOCAL)\MYDBS

In case this entry is in the registry, the connection is fast, if the entry isn't there or has wrong info, the connection is slow as mentioned.

According to MS, database clients should write the "lastConnect" entry after a successful connection. Enterprise Manager does it, but an application using ADO.NET does not.
Does anybody have an idea why ADO.NET doesn't do this ?

I could update the registry myself, but I don't know where the number of the entry (-33423352) comes from. It's some sort of hash key, that seams to be machine independent, at least in my domain.
Does anybody have an idea here ?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Best regards, Reto