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    Question Unanswered: DTS script import XML

    Hi all,

    I made this DTS script that import xml logfiles from gameterminals from a certain directory, This script imports all files into a sql db and split the data into several tables, it split the xml files by the nodes, each machine has several games but not all machines have all games. This is where the problem is!

    When 1 machine has les games then are specified in the dts script, the proces stops en all other files stay where tey are until i remove that 1 file from the directory and start the script again.

    Can someone help me to edit this script taht if an xml file has a certain node not it skips that node and import the nodes that are available!
    Al tables are present in the db.

    Second thing is, it is possible that a certain xml file is placed twice into the folder, because when the script runs it moves all files into a workdirectory and in that second a machine places the same record into the directory where machines stores these files, and cannot see that the first file is moved!

    Hope you superDbadmins can help me like all the other times you guys did, i'll be really thankfull.

    Cheers wIM

    I Attached the dts script
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