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    Question Unanswered: Checking updates columns only

    There is an oracle table with 75 columns and as and when any of the column data is being updated, we want to capture the updated columns name,old data and new data.

    We have tried with a DB trigger "before update with row level statement" .But the problem is, we don't know what are the columns that get updated i.e.(out of 75 columns,only some may get updated) and we need to keep a track of that.

    We don't want to add 'if conditions' in DB trigger like

    if ld.columnname<>:new.columnname then
    end if;

    For all the 75 columns....

    Is there any way to identify only the updated columns?"

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    Re: Checking updates columns only

    No, you have to test each column. You can also test UPDATING('columnname'), but that only tests whether the column was included in the UPDATE statement, not whether its value was actually changed.

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