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    Unanswered: Interpretation needed

    I have been working on this issue for at least a day and a half. I think I'm not understanding what the true problem is. Can someone interpret this error for me:

    Cannot add record(s); join key of table 'BSC Assignment' not in recordset

    I get that error when attempting to add a record through the subform. I am using a form with a subform. Here's a diagram:
    PK = primary key

    PERS (form)
    BSC-MPA (subform)
    BSC-MPA Combo (qry)
    / \
    BSC Assignment(tbl) MPA(tbl)
    PK is A#... PK is BSC & UIC

    Joins between BSC Assignment and MPA are BSC & UIC.

    If anyone needs additional information just let me know. Any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Interpretation needed

    When updating records in a join you need all primary keys present in your recordset otherwise there is no way of distinctly updating a record. Make sure that primary keys of BOTH tables are present in your join query.
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    Re: Interpretation needed

    Originally posted by rami.haddad
    Make sure that primary keys of BOTH tables are present in your join query.


    That turned the light bulb on nice and bright. I am teaching myself from scratch and I have obviously missed an item or two.

    I had half of the key from each table.

    I appreciate your help.

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