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    Unanswered: ROLLBACK TRAN Destroying my SQL Server 2000

    Good morning all!

    I've created a a new column on a table:

    CD_Line int identity

    This ADD COLUMN command gave me an error on this morning, we're talking about 40 million rows on this table.
    The ROLLBACK TRAN is destroying my system that can't login on the SQL Server and no application can by Database at this moment.

    Do anybody know how to STOP this situation and recovery the system?

    Rafael Hidd Germenink
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    Nope...gotta wait.....

    AND, a Rollback can take (at least) twice as long as the original operation...

    You just have to wait.

    Here's the point where we talk about a different environemnt..

    Did you do this in production?

    Only thing that doesn't make sense though, is that if an ALTER fails, there's nothing to rollback...

    There's more to this story...

    Especially if you're just adding an identity column...

    It's a Great Day for America everybody!

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    Yes, I made this on a test server...I'm not so mad to do that on a production server...LOL

    My first step was ADD this identity bigint column. Sorry I wrote int, but it was bigint.
    It was running all night and yesterday's afternoon. Today I saw a message telling that connection was broke.

    Now I try to access my database and others and the SQL Server is not getting up.

    You told the ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN could not rollback.
    Today I received a message saying the TEMPDB is full. I think it's full for two reasons, I don't have disk space(I had 15GB) and this is occuring because that operation...

    What do you think I have to do?
    I can't restore my database because the SQL Server do not show the database... It still trying to load the databases....


    Rafael Hidd Germenink
    DBA - Database Administrator
    ICS - Impacta Certified Specialist

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