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    Unanswered: Remote script (non-localhost) to mysql connection

    I want a php mailing list script residing on a "free" webspace server to add the data submitted by users to end up in a mysql database residing on my paid server space (free webspace provider charges for mysql databases).

    How do I set the following paramaters in the php script to make this happen?

    $databaseHost = "localhost";
    $databaseName = "dbname";
    $databaseUsername = "dbusername";
    $databasePassword = "dbpassword";

    It's fairly straight forward when the php script resides on the server containing mysql (localhost will connect), but I cannot get the script installed on free webspace to connect to my paid server space database.

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    Re: Remote script (non-localhost) to mysql connection

    Does your free webspace server support PHP? I mean, does your .PHP file run ok otherwise on the free server? If so, wouldn't you just have to change "localhost" to the real host name of the webspace provider?

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