i have been working on this problem on and off for months! I don't quite understand why it is doing this. I have been building a new reports server to take the place of an existing server. I brought over the old files, set up all the dsn(s), and made all the virtual directory changes.
Tech Info...
Reports server running:
NT4.0 sp6
crystal reports 7
informix v.7.30 client

DB server running:
NT 4.0
informix v.7.30 server

The main problem has been when the old server is using the intersolv 3.31 driver, which i cannot seem to locate. so i am using the 2.80 driver. It is working fine with connecting the crystal reports to the db, its the parameter pages which use asp and javascript to dynamically pull some data. that s where is get the message:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '8000ffff'

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed

/isreports/support.js, line 6

line 6 is:
myCon = Server.CreateObject( "ADODB.Connection")
myCon.Open( Application("connectString"))

the application connectString is:
Application( "connectString") = "driver={INFORMIX 2.80 32 BIT};server=ol_moo_dbs;host=moo_dbs;service=turbo; protocol=OLSOCTCP;uid=xxx;pwd=xxx;database=" & Application( "database")

when it tries to pull data dyno on the asp page it says:
ADODB. Connection error '800a0e78' Operation is not allowed when the object is closed./isreports/support.js, line 159

line159 isthe second line in the js script)
function getActiveUsersLogin( tCon) {
tCon.Open( Application("connectString"))
var sqlStr = "select first_name, last_name, login from styuserr where active='Y' order by last_name, first_name";
var returned = makeSqlQuery( tCon, sqlStr);
var tmpar = new Array();
while( !returned.eof) {
tmpar[ returned( "login")] = returned( "last_name") + ", " + returned( "first_name");
return tmpar;

if anybody could help, it is welcomed and appreciated. if you need more info just ask (i got plenty of it)