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    Unanswered: exporting Access97 Reports to excel


    I'm exporting Access97 Reports to excel, but when they are
    exported to excel the data in one of the fields are
    truncated. The Data Type is Memo so there are a lot of
    characters in the field. Only around 260 characters are
    exported over to excel. If I export data from a query or
    a table all the data is exported into excel without being
    truncated. I tried to export Access Reports in 97 and
    2002 and in bother version the data is truncated. Is
    there any way to export the reports into excel without the
    data being truncated.

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    You could write a routine which creates an Excel spreadsheet based on a recordset - ie open the worksheet, copy the field names to row 1 as the column headings then loop through the recordset to make the rest of the rows. Maybe not ideal for all situations but can be handy.

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