Hi Folks,

I'm hoping someone has run into this issue before and can help. We've installed MSDE 2000 Release A in a Windows 2003 Server environment. We have an application (written in Powerbuilder) that interfaces with SQL Server/MSDE. When we try to connect, we get "unable to connect". The SQL error code is 10004, the SQL error text is "unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist. Unable to connect: SQL Server does not exist or network access is denied."

We also have backupexec and sharepoint on the server (using MSDE). Would they cause or contribute to a problem for the app?

The interesting thing about this is that we were able to attach a database to MSDE, and can access the databases through ODBC and via OSQL. The only access that doesn't work is through the application itself. I have a sinking feeling that this is a case of "network access denied", but don't have a clue why that is happening or how to fix it!

Has anyone had this issue before? What do I need to set/change on the server? I appreciate your help!

Al C.