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    Question Unanswered: BFile usage

    To all,

    I am new to Oracle and am considering implementing document storage using the BFile data type to connect external files to an Oracle db. Specifically, I'm wondering if I should be concerned over writing procedures to enure synchronicity between the store file handle and files on the external file system etc. I'm also interested in general comments, pitfalls, and or any suggestions from people who may have practical experience using the BFile data type for similar purposes.

    Thanks in advance.
    Shaun M.

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    Our experience has been that for a more consistent and most informative interface, it is best to write stuff that verifies that the file is actually there. In our case, all of our stuff is web based, the user gets extremely frustrated that a link will pull up a "Not Found" page. We've found it is better to not have the link "active" if the file doesn't exist (for whatever reason) rather than frustrate the user. The more you can put into placating your user, the happier they will be and you will be able to do the more important stuff.

    As far as pitfalls, etc, one thing to remember with images in the database is setting up the DIRECTORY command. Oracle stores it like it does most objects, i.e., upper case. When you go to store or retrieve and image and you are absolutely SURE that the image is there, make sure your directory name is upper case. Happy to share more later as you go further...


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    Great information. Kind of what I assumed but nice to have it confirmed by someone with experience in this area.

    Thanks for the reply,

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