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    Unanswered: hide tables in ADP files

    I have a bunch of tables, views, forms and reports in a ADP file. I plan to distribute this file so that others can use the forms and report. I DO NOT want them to be able to go into the tables and views direclty and mess them up!

    How do I go about hiding the Tables and Views from the other users?

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    You can't really do that.

    Table level security needs to be on the SQL Server.

    The first thing I do, and I'm sure you do this too as you haven't mention security for your forms, is export the adp to an ade. This locks the code and protects the reports and forms.

    Views aren't a big problem, you should always have select only access to anyone but yourself. As the data in a view is read-only, the rest takes care of itself. As for the tables, you can hide them, but it's fairly easily to circumvent for any mildly knowledgable user.

    In short, set the permissions on the sql end. Just because they can SEE the table doesn't mean they can change it.

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