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    Question Unanswered: Slow Databases

    I was reading this email about slow databases, and I was wondering if some could please explain me how do dummy tables work.

    * Secondly, if you’re front-end is complex, with menus/switchboards or several
    Different forms used for this and that, it seems to help if you open a
    Connection to the back-end that is not closed during the course of a
    Session. If you don't do this, then the front-end opens a connection to the
    Back-end every time you open a form and then close the connection when
    You’re done. Opening and closing these connections is time consuming.
    Creating a persistent connection to the backend can be done by creating a
    Dummy table in the backend, and then opening that table via code or an
    Invisible form in the front-end at the start of each session.

    Miscellaneous notes: Another trick you can do is to copy tables from the
    Back-end to the front-end at the start of a session, and have the front-end
    Work off the copied tables. Or use replication. And there are other such
    Devices you can use, but the usefulness of these techniques depends on how
    The database is used by your clients. Start-up forms that welcome users to
    The system may make a database feel faster.

    * My questions are: how and when does the back end get updated when using a dummy copy table in the front end?.
    * Do the forms need to be bound to the dummy tables?.
    One application that I have running has multiple users, could be between 5
    or 15 at a time.Each station have a copy of the front end. Could this
    Method work on this type of application that I'm talking about?...

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    a dummy table as decsribed here is rudimentary disconnected recordset technology.

    If load time is problem with a form use visible property settings so the form is always loaded , just not visible until called upon

    you will have to use isloaded function to determine whether a formis loaded and then to make it visible.
    Dale Houston, TX

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