Ok...to make a long question short, I need to know one of two things.

1) in Processing are you able to print a system file along with a current record file. Ex

I have this
then: printer "| lp -dlp02"; pushkey "Fbill[entr][draw]"

I would like this
then: system "/appl/fp/dreport - -f msg -s msg -p "| lp -d lp02""

(problem here is that the system doesnt accept nested quote marks and single quote marks are used for glitches [as you may know])

I could also deal with this
then: printer "| lp -dlp02"; lp "/u/filepro/rts/out.blank"

So i suppose my question is...anyone know of a way to request a system file such as /u/filepro/rts/out.blank in a define processing format?

Please ask questions that may be unclear. i will do my best to answer them. Also Time is of the essence please.