Hello everybody,

I'm a newbie in the world of Oracle databases...

I have an Oracle database (8i) from which I would transfer -on a day basis- some data to an SQL Server.

Also, I would like to automate that transfer, if it's possible (I mean, if it exists) using an Oracle service that runs in the background.

I know I could solve it *FROM* SQL server with DTS. I could program a script that grabs from Oracle via ODBC and put into SQL Table, every day at 00.00 hours.

The problem is that my SQL Server is hosted in a web provider which doesn't allow me to do that. So I have to use Oracle, and here I have plenty user permission to do almost everything.

I've read about a "Oracle Warehouse Builder" and about "Heterogeneous Services" but I really have any idea of what are we talking about!!

Maybe you'll think than a 3rd party tools should be the best solution...

Any ideas?

Appreciate your time,

Maurizio Oliveri