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    Unanswered: Display last entered record


    I have a table "Scores" in which I have the fields "Date" and "Location". I have a form "frmscores" which is used to enter today's scores. The fields on this form are as follows:
    1. combo box "cmb_location" for selecting the location,
    2. text feild "txt_score" for entering the score and
    3. another text field "txt_previous" which displays the last updated score for that location (button cmdSave to save the record).

    Now when the user selects a particular location, I have to write a code in the after_update event of the Combo so that it displays me the previous score of that location in the "txt_previous". I have tried using clause where location=cmb_location.value and date=date-1 but this will work only if there is a entry everyday and will not work for saturday and sunday(when there will be no entry).

    I have to write a code to display the last updated score (last entered score) for the location selected. Please help?

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    Select *
    from tableA ta
    where date = (select max(date) from tableA where location = ta.location AND date < [dateParam])
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