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    Unanswered: Newbie Question about intergrating web and in-house DBs


    I really didn't know where to post this, but since I would prefer to do this in PHP....I have a question about intergrating web and in-house DBs.

    The company I work for does medical seminars and some of their registrations come from online in the form of an email from an online form. We are currently using Paradox for our in-house DB system. We want to move to where the customer can login online and access their current information(i.e., address, seminars attended, etc.) and register for more seminars and hotels all online. And have this information go directly into the in-house DB. We have about 100,000 customers in our in-house DB.

    How do I go about integrating/creating the DBs together? What would be the eastiest/best/cost-effective way to do this?


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    you may look into mysql as an alternative for database since it is free. i haven't used paradox but if paradox has an export feature, you can export it as a csv(comma delimited) and import it in mysql. php can be used to connect to mysql and display any data you need.

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