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    Question Unanswered: Pervasive 8 & Crystal 8.5

    Is crystal 8.5 compatible with Pervasive 8? Which driver should be used?

    I have a problem in that I have selected a field from a table on the pervasive database but the return of information is incorrect and inconsistent. The true data is for example, 0.053 yet when it shows in crystal it is 0.53.

    If I create a file DSN rather than a system DSN, it works. I think it might be the driver but not being an expert in this area, I am not sure! I am now clutching at straws and would be grateful if anyone could shed some ligt on this.


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    I would suggest using the ODBC driver with Crystal REports. THere is a Btrieve driver but it hasn't been updated since Btrieve v6.15 so any of the new data types will not be supported. What exact version of Pervasive V8 (v8.xx.xxxx) are you using?
    A FIle DSN has the same information as a System (or User) DSN so I'm surprised anything would be different.
    Does the PCC show the correct data?
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