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    Unanswered: Table Structure

    Can Someone have a look at my attached DB and see if the following are correct please:

    relationships are correct
    It's Normalised
    I have the correct fields as PK & FK

    Any suggestions to improve or rectify this would be welcome.

    please help i need to have this sorted by today (Only the table structure)


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    The model is correct technically, however without any knowledge of the system requirements I cannot provide you with any further information.
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    i am just trying to build a simple Helpdesk for a project i am doing,

    my project brief is as follows:

    Implement your design to create a working database system. It must provide a ‘front end’, input forms for data processing, and reports that satisfy the main objectives of the systems. A reminder of these is as follows:

    · Allow tracking of jobs received.
    · Track unallocated jobs.
    · What members of staff have been allocated to each job.
    · Track the time taken to complete each job and any costs.
    · Summarise total time spent each week by each support technician.
    · Provide a history of calls for each piece of equipment.

    i am not worried about the forms, queries or reports just yet

    thanks for your help

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    ok once again i have had a play, and guess wot......PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!

    Hi i think i have had a play around with my tables again to try and sort this out....

    however thare are some very funny results coming out......

    I have set up my workstation data and set all the memory specs to 128 meg..

    yet when i go to my table for memory.....and click on the (+) on the left hand side and expand the field, along side 128 mb, i thought i should have the 4 machines listed. but i have none in there....

    this is pretty much the same for most tables and data....

    another example is the technicians table only shows them being assigned 3 jobs when there jhave been 5.

    the operator table displays no records on the expand list, yet operator one has taken 5 calls

    please help......i really need a quick reply ...

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