I have the following tables:

Fields: OBID = Autonumber (primary)
Date = Date/Time
Time = Date/Time
OBHeadingTextID (Number) (Lookup from tblOBHeading) (Bound column 1)
Comments (Memo)

fields: OBHeadingID (autonumber) primary
OBHeadingtext (text)
REQ_Date (Yes/No)
REQ_Time (Yes/No)
REQ_Comments (Yes/No)

Relation: tblOB[ObheadingTextID] *many----------1* tblOBheadingID[OBHeadingID]

FrmOB based on table tblOB with same names.

Some sample data for tblOBHeading

1, Bill Dispute, True, True, False
2, Patron Scan, False, True, True
3, Malfunction, False, False, True

What I want to do is the following:

When I person selects the OBHeadingID on the form it should lookup the OB value from the tblOBHeading table and then look at the fields with the REQ prefix then adjust the other fields on the form according to the True/False settings for the fields according to the data in the table tblOBHeading.
Example: I select ˇ°Bill Disputeˇ± on the combobox of my form and the then the after update event should lookup the yes/no values in the table tblOBHeading. In this scenario with the sample data as above the following fields on the form must be disabled because their value is false, they are ˇ°commentsˇ±, and should I have chosen ˇ°Patron Scanˇ± the following fields should have been disabled: Date and the Time and comments fields would have been enabled because the lookup values are true.

I want to do this in this method that once I compiled the database that one can do field maintenance at runtime without having to change your code etc. It will also add flexibility to the database as the different site offices that use the database can then program their own ˇ°headingsˇ± ie. Bill Dispute, and set the criteria in the table as to what data they need to display for input on the form frmOB.

Please let me know if you need more info ¨C or am I trying to do things the hard way again.