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    Unanswered: Vb-sqlserver Or Adp/sqlserver

    Which would you prefer ? vb/sqlserver or adp/sqlserver
    please give some information about the pros and cons of each method
    thank you
    hendra gunadi

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    better you describe your position (task, project time, project future...) and I'll tell you what is better for you.

    anyway just little introduce
    ADP - for - fast, simple interfaced, not expencive projects
    VB - complicated interface, expencive, strongly defined (no changes supposed) .

    Many times customer asks you to use C++ to develop a simple accounting task, this is due to misunderstood of programming and development. Customer usually doesn't understand why he needs C++, he just has been told by some stupid programmer that C++ is the best, any language and tool has his own sphere. Somthing like this stupid question: who wins boxer or footboolist?

    main thing that I like in ADP - is easy/fast developing and same time whole abilities via VBA coding. Actually there is only one main disadvantage of ADP - client should install MS Access on it's computer (or just Access Runtime). Via VBA you can create an app that will be same as you programm in VB, you can use all AcitveXs and DLLs, API or any other tools.

    and second disadvantage - Access is more heavier that VB, and it's of course less stable than VB propject
    MDB, ADP <-> MS SQL + VBA, ADO & RDO, .NET, Oracle, Java/Jsp.

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    i have plenty of time to develop the program
    i want to develop an inventory system of a store. sell,buy,stock
    in the future maybe the store will have 2-3 new branch. the store is medium size maybe about 100-200 transactions/day.
    i hope those information is adequate.
    hendra gunadi

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    The only drawback of an adp is it is not stand-alone. The client machine MUST have access installed to run the adp. Other then that, adp is superior for your given parameters.

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