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    Unanswered: xp_cmdshell and ftp

    Basic problem:

    When xp_cmdshell interacts with FTP it doesn't log the FTP return codes.

    I found Nigel Rivett's T-SQL FTP scripts and concatenated them together with some modifications so I could have a process that actually errors when an FTP fails.

    The process FTP's a file, disconnects, and then reconnects to do a dir and then select from the returned listing to see if the file name exists.

    I wanted to review the initial log from the put and check for a valid FTP return code of 250 that says "Transfer completed successfully"

    Log Snippets:

    A normal FTP log shows:
    ftp> put foo ''
    200 Port request OK.
    125 Storing data set MAINFRAME.NODE.STRUCTURE.FOO
    250 Transfer completed successfully.
    ftp: 7972888 bytes sent in 99.63Seconds 80.03Kbytes/sec.
    ftp> quit
    221 Quit command received. Goodbye.

    xp_cmdshell log shows (with FTP debug on) shows:
    7 put foo ''
    8 PORT 10,99,11,16,7,30
    10 ---> quit
    11 QUIT
    12 (null)

    As you can see, the return codes and some other messages are missing.

    I've messed around with various options and can't seem to get any return codes in the log at all.

    Any ideas?
    Howard Nugent
    Sr. Business Application Analyst

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    I may be way off here, but this may be the cause of it:
    the output of ftp is directed at both STDERR and STDOUT, xp_cmdshell only works on STDOUT.

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