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    Exclamation Unanswered: Multiple subform snafu (see attachment)

    I have an attachment in ACCESS 97 that I need help with.
    I am working on a database that compiles reponses for a survey. With each individual in the sample, they are interviewed as well as their Legally Authorized Representive (LAR's). So there are 2 responses for each individual in the sample. We want to be able to compare responses between individuals, LAR's with a multitude of variables. I have spent some time with my design and I feel it is pretty good (and it is too late for me to restart). The problem is with my multiple tab form with subforms galore. I am using 2 tabs (subforms) to populate one table. Unfortunately, for some reason ACCESS is making it into 2 separate entries on the table. Please look at my attachment as I cannot come close to explaining this.
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    I would try making the first tab a sub form and the next 2 tabs part of the main form. You would have to make sure your main record gets inserted first. Or I would create a main form from the first tab. Then use a button to pull up another form for the other tabs for data entry.

    Your current tabs 2 and 3 would not use subforms, but would use the recordset of the entire form which is your tblHCSSurveyQuestions

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