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    Unanswered: Color List

    Anybody knows where can I find a complete listing of the colors in MS Access? For exmaple, 255 is Red, 0 is Black.



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    Do a MSAccess Help file search for the Color Constants vbRed or vbBlack. You will then see the complete listing for Color Contants you can use in your code.

    Hope this helps
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    Cool Colors

    I normally change the Backcolor property. if you want to know what to change it to you can open a forms properties and go to the Backcolor property - then click the ... build button. This will open the color dialog window, here you can choose a color of the standard template or you can define a custom colour by either draggin the cross around or by inserting the RGB values. Once you click OK you'll notice that the background property's value has changed acoordingly.

    ie. to change the background color of a form during run time you can put a code like this:

    Private Sub cmdChangeColor_Click()
    Me.TestID.BackColor = 65280 'changes textbox named TestId's backcolor to bright green
    End Sub


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    RGB ?

    Could use the Red Green Blue setup value 0-255

    Attached a database with a single form..Might want to maximize the form first.

    then double click the form when opened

    I use this form occasionally..

    Could modify it to debug.print the RGB values or put them in a textbox or something...
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