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    Unanswered: Increasing the Data Buffer Length

    Data Buffer Length Error 22

    What two keys control this? The reason I ask is that I need to increase the size of the Data Buffer length as some data from within my DDFs is causing this error to generate.

    Please reply ASAP if possible. Thanks! I kinda remember where, but my memory is foggy.


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    What to change depends on the interface you are using. Using the Btrieve API, you would increase the Data Buffer Length parameter.
    If you're getting this from an ODBC application, it's probably something wrong with the DDFs and the only thing to do is to fix the DDFs. THe DDFs need to accurately and completely describe the Btrieve data files. Run a Database Consistency Check. If the tables fail with Fixed Length Mismatch, then that's the problem and you need to redefine the DDFs to describe the data files.
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