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    Unanswered: is it possible to do this in perl?

    i'm using perl w/ MSSQL server right now. and i have a page that lists a table (say just a list of users and their contact info)... and when i click a link that belongs to a certain user, a popup window will come up w/ the details of that user, and i can edit the field of their contact info.. then there's a button on that popup window, i want to have it so after i change the contact info and press the button, it will update the users info in the database.. AND have it after it updates, refresh the previous window that has the table of all the users...

    basically i want to know if it's possible to do this with some sort of perl script: refresh a webpage in a browser, by clicking a button/link that's in a different browser window?

    hope this is clear


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    Yes, you can do it. CGI scritpting.

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