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    Unanswered: How to get data from MS SQL Server from linux machine?

    hi all,

    I need to collect data from 60 SQL Server into one big DB2 server using mulit threaded C program under linux, just wonder if anyone have tried to make a program under linux to get data from MS SQL Server under windows.

    i need to code in C under linux, connect to SQL server and also connect to DB2 server

    what i understand so far we need on clinet side (linux machine)

    1. ODBC software ( there is open source unixODBC )

    2. MS SQL Deiver under linux ( i checked softlink )

    does anyone has experince in such stuff ?

    i need a start point

    any suggestions ?
    hany heggy,
    IBM certified Professional, AIX system support

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    Could I suggest a simpler solution that gets you to the same point with LOTS less work? Use either DTS or SQL Transactional replication to the DB2 database. Either way is lots less work than trying to develop the beast to run in Linux, and both should be supported in future versions of MS-SQL instead of leaving you "on the hook" to support the "home grown" package when the next release of MS-SQL hits the streets.


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