Is there anybody out there who can help me figure this out?
I've read some of the messages regarding the iwh2regi.exe error that other people have posted on the forum earlier on.

I have the same error as those people.

Error during installation: e:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB\bin\iwh2regi.exe 10 DWCTRLDB DWCTRLDB NULL IBM-1252 US : -1042.
Error during installation: e:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB\BIN\IWH2REGI.EXE 12 DWCTRLDB IWH db2admin ******** e:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB\LOGGING e:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB : 2009.

however, mine is a special case. My company has some sort of security setting installed. So, logging on as an administrator isn't enough for me to be able to install the DB2 7.2.1 correctly. I need to find out what the "-1042" and "2009" stands for, so that i can try to manoeuvre my way around the security settings.

Is there a way for me to know what do these numbers stands for?

Any help is very much appreciated.