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    Unanswered: Edit the Value in the text file from VB 6.0.

    Hi All,

    Facing problem in editing the value in the text file from VB 6.0.
    Actually,I want i modify the value in the text file by using vb 6.0.
    How can i delete the line or specific char from the text file.
    I can read or insert value into the text file but how can i delete or edit the line in the text file. i have tried using WRITE or WRITELINE command
    but its not doing what i want.

    Below is my code can any one find where am i doing mistake

    vDate = DT.Value
    vSTR = "c:\AMO\FILEGENERATE\sedbvf.text"
    Open vSTR For Input As #1
    vCOUNT = 0
    vCOUNT = vCOUNT + 1
    Line Input #1, A
    If InStr(1, A, "200") > 0 Then
    vPOSITION = InStr(1, A, "200")
    vSTR = Mid(A, 1, vPOSITION - 1)
    A = vSTR
    write (A)
    End If
    Loop Until EOF(1)

    Close #1

    Thank for your effords

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    Use a Temp file to contain the new data. After that, kill the old file and rename the temp file to the name of the old file.
    Sequential files have their limitations

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