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    Question Unanswered: [prcedures] Migrate from Sybase to PostgreSQL

    For my job, I have to evaluate the opportynity of a migration from Sybase (11.0.2) to PostgreSQL (maybe PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition but it's not sure)
    I have to translate a lot (about 4300) of T-SQL procedure to pl/pgsql.
    Of course, it's impossible to transelate everything "by hand" so I need to automate the process.
    I'm thinking about doing a script but I would like (before to begin) if there's already a tool to do (at least partialy) this. Or, if somebody has already done this kind of migration, if he can give me some advices.

    Thank you,
    (hope you will understand even if my English is not really good)
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    Hey man you coul share that hard work, just make a page when everybody will post it's translation a kind sourfeforge project, that would usesfull !
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