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    Unanswered: Arrays and Stored Procedure


    how to pass an array to stored procedure and process it,ex. i have a proc i want to pass bunch of row id's to oracle stored procedure process and insert into a different table.

    thanks a lot in advance.

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    You can use ref cursor. you can use table of record type.
    Populate this record type with your data and pass it to the stored procedure.

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    Re: Arrays and Stored Procedure

    Yes , you can use table/varray of rowtype or something like this , and may be it’s a good idea to have a some temporary table (reset on session) for all those needs. Of course it’s depend from particular task , but I had something like TEMP ( id number , id_str varchar , id_date date … ) and used it all time and everywhere because it's easy to use in insert ( update ) etc of you primary table.

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