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    Unanswered: can anybody help me on charts

    can anybody help me
    i have a table as shown in below
    Department supplier Monat ERR OK
    EADP EAP January 32 56
    EADP EAXY January 54 50
    EAp EAS January 45 45
    EADP EAP February 32 56
    EADP EAXY February 54 50
    EAp EAS February 45 45
    now with this table i want to draw some pivot chats in form
    1. with dapartment, ERR, OK pie diagram monthly
    i want january and february in different pages ie., i want to insert a combo box for month if i change in the combo box the month the results in the form should appear for that month only.

    2.with dept ERR as column chart with the same phenomenon if i change the month only results should come for that month.

    i have tried but its asking a popup menu for month to display but i need in diffrent form as i explained, i change in the combo box the month particular month results should get

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    This sounds like a parameter problem. Did you put your parameter into the Parameter form (in design view of the query, choose Parameters from the Query pull down menu)? Does it work if you hard code the month? I am trying to figure out if it is a query problem or a form problem.

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