Hoping someone can advise on an obstacle to transactional replication between two MS SQL Server 2000 databases:

The publishing database is on a remote server which is rebooted once per week for maintenance purposes (also rebooted occasionally on ad hoc basis as required). I am currently stuck with having to manually choose the 'Start Synchronizing' option on my pull subscription each time a reboot occurs (i.e. connectivity is lost), as it appears that the distribution agent is first marked as suspect and then the subscription becomes marked as invalid. The reboots occur in the wee hours of the morning, and I need to automate the 'Start Sync' on the subscription to bring replication back up following the publishing server reboot. Nothing else appears to be required, as transactions start being applied as soon as I choose to 'Start Synchornizing' on the pull subscription.

I need to be able to keep the replication agents running continuously, and have them recover automatically if a reboot occurs and connectivity between the publisher and subscriber is lost for 15-20 minutes. Do I need to reconfigure the distribution agent (running from the subscriber) or the subscription itself? Is there any way to automate a recovery/reconnection of the subscription to allow for synchronization to start back up after reboots? I've received solid suggestions as far as changing the replication agents to run each minute rather than continuously, but am hoping to avoid even that degree of latency throughout business hours, as the replicated dataset basically needs to be in live time.