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    Unanswered: How to connect to a database residing on another server using ASP

    firstly, this is very important and i need an answer immediately, so if u can please send me a mail too.

    ok, i wanna i know if i can access and 'update' a database residing at this address (e.g.):

    from, say, a ASP page i created and uploaded at

    the point i wanna ask is that whether or not a database on another server can be accessed from another server.

    please do tell me the procedure to do so too, if u can.

    also, the database is an access database, and doesn't have a login username password. I dun know anything about the server.
    but yes i do know the path of the db on the server's hard disk.

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    This article says it's not really feasible but gives some pointers about trying to do it anyways:

    How do I connect to an Access database / text file on another web server? - 12/31/2001
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