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    Unanswered: Delphi 7 ADO and Infopower 4000

    I am converting our Delphi 7 BDE-based applications to ADO. In one BDE-based application, there is a LookUpComboDlg over a DBgrid. The effect is that the selected row has a lookup function denoted by the ellipsis. When I changed the TwwQuery (Infopower 4000) to the ADO query, the lookup was distinct from the rows and the selected row did not have a lookup. I get the same result when I used the ADODataset.

    The BDE-based code and ADO-based code are the same except for the queries but the lookup on top of a dbgrid won't run properly in the latter. Can someone familiar with Delphi 7 (ADO included) and Infopower 4000 please explain? Thanks.

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    Hi acabrera,

    Have not used infopower for a while but with regard to Delphi7 BDE v ADO for lookups there should not be any issues. First thought check the relationship between the main dataset and and the lookup is defined correctly, should be the same for the BDE and ADO versions. Second thought take the infopower out ot the equation by creating a small test app with an ado lookup.

    ps I think this is entirely a Delphi issue not an Oracle one.

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