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Thread: Instance crash

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    Unanswered: Instance crash


    I don't think there is going to be any meaningful answer to this one but it is interesting.

    At 02:43 this morning our test database instance crashed. There was nothing happening on the db or the host machine at the time and host had 30% memory free.
    Oracle and OpenVMS V7.3-1.

    nb. No logicals have changed and the system was stable and static at the time. The two other oracle db's dev and trn (dev, test and trn are almost identical) continued running no problems.

    The Alert Log provides the following little gem:

    12-MAR-2004 02:43:48.63:
    Restarting dead background process QMN0
    PMON: terminating instance due to error 7254
    Instance terminated by PMON, pid = 24e

    Two trace files were generated and are attached.

    The db came up fine when restarted no recovery needed and everything seems fine now.

    The question remains why did it go down? Any ideas?

    ps a Google search on - pmon 7254 - returns a googlewhack only it is no use.

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    FYI - Update

    This is what we got back from Oracle.

    At the code level what happened pmon was operating and went to translate oracle_home and it couldnt...Maybe the image got
    corrupted in memory somehow? Maybe the image ran out of memory -- although we would see ORA-4031's ect in that case or
    USUALLY you see a this is REALLY rare and weird. Last report of this was on V6 of Oracle.

    Now, here is something we can do, we can set an errorstack event so IF it happens again, we will have more info. Next time you
    restart the instance, or you can do it while it is running, do one of the following:

    *Dump ERRORSTACK on a given error:
    init.ora: Eg: event="7254 trace name ERRORSTACK level 3"
    running instance : Eg: alter system set events '7254 trace name ERRORSTACK level 3';

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