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    Unanswered: Read-Only DB with little options

    Recently we had a big issue on our network which led to some information being lost including an Access Database.

    We had a recent copy backed up on to cd so we tried loading that. The problem though is that the db is read-only (no the read-only option is not checked in the file properties.

    Furthermore, when we open the thing up, it displays the GUI that the creators made and gives only two options within Access. Close and Help. There are no other options on the tool bar whatsoever. Is there any way to convert this file to read-write and give us back the options on the toolbar so we can manipulate the file again?


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    What I did

    First try opening the DB with the shift key pressed. This will disalbe the applied menus and allow you access to the DB main window.

    If this doesnt work try creating a new DB and paste in the code from the Access MVP site:

    Run this module. It will disable the the disabling of the shift key.

    Repeat step one. If this doesnt work I don't know. Perhaps try creating a new DB and import all of the modules, form, tables, queries etc. maintain the relationships and all import specs. (jsut to be sure) Maybe that will work, I didnt' try it.

    Hope this helps.


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